Abir Mukherjee



It’s a week before the presidential elections when a bomb goes off in an LA shopping mall.
In London, armed police storm Heathrow Airport and arrest Sajid Khan. His daughter Aliyah entered the USA with the suicide bomber, and now she’s missing, potentially plotting another attack.
But then a woman called Carrie turns up at Sajid’s door after travelling halfway across the world. She claims Aliyah is with her son Greg, and she knows where they could be.
Back in the US, Agent Shreya Mistry is closing in on the two fugitives. But the more she investigates, the more she realises there is more to this case than meets the eye and suspects a wider conspiracy.
Hunted by the authorities, the two parents are thrown together in a race against time to find their kids before the FBI does, and stop a catastrophe that will bring the country to its knees.

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Hunted is a damn exciting read. It’s also a brave book. Nothing quite like it has been published before.

James Patterson

“A pretty much flawless thriller, HUNTED works on every level imaginable. Terrific characters are subtly and mercilessly pushed along by a plot as propulsive as it is constantly surprising.”

Lee Child

An exciting, dark and kinetic thriller fromone of ur greatest crime fiction talents. a must-read.

Adrian McKinty

A rip-roaring, bang-up-to-date political thriller that grabs you from the first pages and never lets go. Twists you won’t see coming, nail-biting suspense and finely drawn characters that will linger long after reading. And at the heart of this book is a father battling to save his family. Unmissable.

Steve Cavanagh



“Tense, twisty and full of heartstoppingly real characters, Hunted will keep you guessing until the very end.”

Ruth Ware


 An irresistible blend of high-octane thriller plot, nuanced characterization and smart writing. Not to be missed!

Shari Lapena


 If you’re looking for a kick-ass, pedal-to-the-metal thriller you need HUNTED.”

Mark Billingham


 Hunted is a mature, intelligent thriller written with forensic skill and observation. This irresistible spiderweb of twisting fates moves seamlessly from the personal to the global. I was swept along on an epic and fast-moving adventure, crafted with insight, empathy and devastating attention to detail. Mukherjee has put the world in a book and I dare anyone to put it down. Stunning.”

Janice Hallet