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Who is Sam Wyndham?

Sam is an ex-Scotland Yard detective and veteran of the First World War who has been scarred by his experiences and finds himself in Calcutta looking for a fresh start.

Who is Sergeant Banerjee?

Surendranath Banerjee is a young sergeant, newly recruited into the Calcutta Police. He’s a bright lad, one of the first Indians to be inducted into CID, and he did…

Wyndham & Banerjee’s

Calcutta: it’s a city that everyone’s heard of but very few people really know. Over the years it’s received more than its fair share of bad press, but there’s another…

The Maharaja, the Diplomat and the case of the Poisoned Grapefruit Juice

The second novel in the Wyndham & Banerjee series, A Necessary Evil, sees our heroes on the trail of the assassin of a maharaja’s son. But my research into the India…

A visit to the Calcutta Police Museum

Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Road was once called Upper Circular Road. It’s a chaotic, traffic choked artery in the middle of what was, a hundred years ago…

What Happened?

I’ve never known quite what to make of Rudyard Kipling. Indeed my debut novel ‘A Rising Man’ takes its title from a line in Kipling’s work about Calcutta, ‘City of Dreadful…

On Writing

From Accountant to Author

My journey from accountant to debut writer began back in the autumn of 2013, and to be honest, it was bit of a mid-life crisis. I was thirty-nine at the time…

Ten Tips for Newly Published authors

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Press Articles by Abir

‘I’m Glad to be a Scot and a Bengali‘ The Herald (June 2017)

Abir Mukherjee, who grew up in the west of Scotland, is the bestselling author of the Sam Wyndham series of novals, set in India.

‘For the Love of Cricket‘ BA Highlife Magazine (August 2017)

There’s an adage that in India, cricket is a matter of life and death. That, of course, is nonsense. It’s more important than that.